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Lifts / Valet Rods

A wardrobe lift truly makes the most of your space! It lowers clothing from storage level to accessible easily!

Shoe Organizers

One of the messiest spots in any closet is always the floor! Clean this up and get your shoes up where they belong!


Our hampers help you keep your closets free of clothing thrown on the floor.  We can install one, two or more of these handy necessities.

Ironing Boards

Whether you have your laundry in the closet or not, you should definitely have a pull out ironing board for convenience and ease.


We have several styles of hardware for your custom closet. Our designers will help you pick the style that is right for you.

Wine and Spice Racks

Your pantry can work for you in so many ways, these racks will help you to organize your kitchen in so many ways.


A pullout mirror is always a good investment to add to your closet and you can tuck it away when your not using it.

Jewelry Organizers

Tired of tangled jewelry and not being able to find what your looking for? Click to view jewelry solutions!

Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are perfect for all the items that don’t fit well in drawers or on shelves, like purses and sports clothing.

Belt / Tie Racks

Belt and tie racks will help make the most of your space. Once these are in your closet, you’ll never know what you did without them!

Doors and Drawers

Our drawers are all handmade dovetail jointed birch drawerboxes and they have 100% extension!

Garage Accessories

We think the garage is so much more than just a place for your cars and the ‘overflow’ from the house.

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