Johnson County Home and Garden Show

What a perfect weekend for the Johnson County Home and Garden Show!  The weather is gorgeous and really making everyone think about spring projects both inside and outdoors!

Stop by the Johnson County Home and Garden Show at the Overland Park Convention Center.  Follow this link for driving directions and parking information.

There are great speakers lined up as well as miles of exhibitors!

We will be there helping you make the most of your space whether in your closet, kitchen, garage or media room!

Kansas City Closet Company has many Leawood and Johnson County happy clients but we’re always looking for more!

Oscars Designs Require Big Closets!

So, hopefully everyone watched the Oscars last night and had a chance to view all those gorgeous gowns.  From what I understand, many of the gowns are simply on loan from the designer but can you imagine the space needed for some of them.  They are huge.

I went to and found a few pics of extra volumnous Oscar dresses that I’m sure we all wish we had…or at least had room for.

From Hollywood Life

From Hollywood Life

I am relatively sure that all of those leading ladies have custom closets to house all of their beautiful gowns, loaned, rented or purchased!

Let us know if you need help with your unruly clothing collection!  Kansas City Closet Company does the best job of making the most of your space!


Closets Closets Closets!

We have been absolutely loving the wave of closets we have been installing!

It seems as though everyone is using this nice weather to do a little early spring cleaning and then finding themselves unhappy with their current closet situations.  It’s not hard to find yourself unhappy when there are websites like Pinterest and Houzz out there making us all feel like we are slightly unworthy.

Pinterest is a great social platform that allows you to pin pictures of items you are ‘Pinterest-ed’ in.  A friend of mine told me about it when she and her husband were remodeling their kitchen.  She was able to go on Pinterest and then look around the web to find her favorite color hardwoods, the type of hood she wanted on her oven and whether to have her tilers lay the subway tile horizontally or vertically.  But, it’s so much more, recipes, clothing, vacation spots and more to the point, CLOSETS.

Here are just three examples on just one persons CLOSET board.  It’s amazing.

I am less familiar with Houzz but I’m thinking with the time and effort I went through to get these fabulous closet photos, I’m going to look into Houzz for my next post!

Happy Pinning!


Almost March, Already?

Wow, so wasn’t it just “the holidays”?  Time moves so fast and for me it feels like many parts of it are taken up with the planning and then the thinking about future events.  It’s not fun to have to think about the daily ‘regular’ stuff like finding your way around your closet.  If you’re like me you have ‘real’ things to think/worry about, ie.  kids, work, meals, taxes, etc.

We have a few tips to help reduce your closet stress.  Follow these tips for your senses and you will never have to waste your time and energy in your closet.  You might even want to put a comfy chair in there and stay a while.

Your five senses guide you through your everyday so let’s start the day right by gently waking them each up with peaceful sights and sounds when you throw open those closet doors.

Sight:  Why not make your closet look like a boutique?  You know how wonderful it is to walk into a store with beautiful clothing that is well organized and set off against a wonderful woodgrain or bright white paint.  Order your clothing by color and type.  Change out your light fixtures for less harsh light and lastly, a valet rod always helps when planning your daily outfit.

Touch:  If you change out your clothing by season, make sure to have lighter weight fabrics at one end of the closet and heavier at the other.  If you are a person who has room to leave everything in the closet, order your clothes by season, winter, spring, summer then fall.

Smell:  Add some cedar blocks, sachets or other potpourri to your closet.  If you have a plug in, add a scented oil plug in to your closet area.  You will thank youself everytime you open the doors.

Hearing:  Hook an ipod or other small MP3 player up in your closet.  There are also ‘white noise’ apps for your phone, iPad or other tablet.  Just the rhythmic sounds of rain or a river will relax you in your closet.

Taste:  Of course this is the tricky one.  My perspective says, while you are in concert with your closet, have a cup of coffee and just relax into the morning.  That’s about all I want to taste in my closet but this is where you may get creative.

Check Out Our New Website!

Kansas City Closet Company has been getting feedback from our clients and we have been listening diligently!

We just finished upgrading our website so that it’s easier to navigate and shows you more about what we can do for your closet, pantry, garage, mudroom…any space in your home!

Visit our new website and then let us know what you think! How? Like us on our Facebook Fan Page and leave us a comment, follow us on Twitter OR leave us a review on Yelp, Yahoo or Google.  There are so many ways for you to let us know how we are doing and we want you to try all of them!

Thanks to our loyal clients and customers for the repeat business and client referrals!   Thanks for making Kansas City Closet Company your local, dedicated and affordable choice for closets and organizational systems in Kansas City!

Just Two Days Away!

The Kansas City Home Remodeling Show is just two short days away!  We are busy getting ready for what is sure to be a great weekend of being out and about with fellow Kansas City NARI members.

The show will be at The American Royal Center (1701 American Royal Court; Kansas City, MO 64102).  Show hours are Friday and Saturday 10AM-9PM and Sunday 10am-6PM.

For any other details visit their website

Kansas City Home Remodeling Show

Kansas City CLOSET Company could not be more excited to be part of the Kansas City Home Remodeling Show this weekend February 10-12 at the American Royal Center!

We will be with many of our fellow NARI members celebrating the beginning of a new Spring season of remodeling.  Although it hasn’t felt a whole lot like winter we are looking forward to the days to come when windows are thrown open and Spring projects are planned!  Is a new custom closet in your future or maybe a new kitchen pantry?  Is the garage looking messy from a long winter of storing EVERYTHING in there?

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