Add Value As Well As Beauty To Your Home

Reading through lots of information that I let slide this weekend I happened upon an article that was done by one of the bigger new interior design sights on the internet.  I learned that when people consider an update to their home, “86% of homeowners are most interested in ‘improving the look and feel of the space’ compared to 47% who said they are most interested in ‘increasing home value’.”

This is important to know right now in the remodeling and renovation market.  This defines our customer base.

At Kansas City Closet Company, we like to think of our custom closets and organizational systems as first and foremost, an aesthetic upgrade to the home but secondly, we love the fact that our closets and organizational systems are one of the top ways to improve the value of your home.

Whatever your need for organizational systems, Kansas City Closet Company is your local, dedicated and affordable answer for all your closet renovation needs.  Call us at 816-333-1292 and one of our designers will give you a free in-home closet consultation!

It’s that easy!

Happy National Home Improvement Month!

As May winds down and National Home Improvement Month draws to a close, we may all be better able to answer the question, “what do you do for yourself and what home improvement jobs do you hire out?”  We all have our limitations and should be able to classify any home improvement task into one of these catagories.

I’m here with the top five reasons why you should definitely NOT try to tackle your own custom closets.  Here’s why you should contact Kansas City Closet Company to help you make the most of your space.

Reason One:  We have the most skilled designers in the industry!  Our designers have been helping people make the most of their space for a combined over 25 years!  This means 25 years of designing and installing some of the best closets in Johnson, Jackson, Clay and Wyandott counties!

Reason Two:  Our installers are friendly, respectful and efficient.  There is no reason to design the perfect closet if the installation isn’t going to be perfect too.  Our installers are masters in their trade and are eager to get your closet installed and let you put it back together.

Reason Three:  Any closet kit you can buy isn’t worth the box it’s packed in.  These closets that are purchased from big box stores or Target give closets a bad name.  There are many home improvement tasks that are perfectly safe if they aren’t completely 100% accurately, closets need to be 100% accurate.

Reason Four:  Kansas City Closet Company is your local, dedicated and affordable option for custom closets and any organization system.

Reason Five:  We have hundreds of happy clients in the Kansas City area BUT we always want one more, YOU!

Call us today to schedule a free in home closet consultation!


Wire Baskets in Your Pantry

Kansas City Closet Company believes that there is a place for everything AND that everything should have a place.  This goes for pantries too.

How many people out there really have the pantry of their dreams?  You can!  It’s not hard!  Call Kansas City Closet Company and you will have the pantry of your dreams!  One of our talented designers will come out and take an inventory of your pantry then we can design a perfect pantry for you and whatever you store in your pantry.

The thing about it is this, most of it is easy schmeezy but when it comes to hard to store items (think bags of chips, packets of Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing mix, bags of pasta and beans), what’s the best option for these items?

At Kansas City Closet Company, we think it’s in the wire baskets you hang in your pantry.  Ours are the finest in the industry and hold up to as much usage as you can give them.

Wire baskets in the pantry is just one more way that we help you make the most of you space!

Now call us!  We want to make you our next satisfied client!


National Remodeling Month!

Now that we are firmly into Spring, it’s time to celebrate National Remodeling Month!  National Remodeling Month is an annual event that more people are deciding to celebrate.

In the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about families staying in their homes longer and instead of moving, they are updating or adding onto the home they already live in.

There are so many projects that can add value and quality of life to you property and family.  Interiors or exeriors, both can be tackled.  You can add on a mudroom, home office or entertainment center or stick with a classic update like adding a nice big pantry to your kitchen.

Kansas City Closet Company is there for you for all of your home remodeling organizational needs.  Investing in closets is one of the best and most efficient ways to add value to your home.

Don’t get left with the only tiny closets on the block.  Call Kansas City Closet Company and let us help you make the most of your space!


Kansas City Closet Company Wire Baskets

Kansas City Closet Company’s wire baskets provide great storage solutions for so many rooms in your home.

Use them in the pantry to store everything from food to paper goods.

In the laundry room, our wire baskets keep your stain sticks and dryer sheets within easy reach.

Kansas City Closet Company’s wire baskets are perfect for storing athletic equipment in the garage or hats, gloves, and shoes in the mudroom.

They also make a great addition to any office organization system.

Wire baskets from Kansas City Closet Company are sleek and stylish. Our slide-out chrome wire baskets come in a variety of sizes for easy storage customization.  To keep contents private or to prevent small items from slipping through the wire, we also offer fabric liners for our wire baskets.  Check out the pictures below and give us a call so that we can help you make the most of your space!

Wire Baskets for your Custom Closets

Kansas City Closet Company loves helping you make the most of your space.  We have been in the custom closet business for a while and know how to maximize the smallest of spaces.

One way we do this is by performing a clothing inventory when we come to your home for our closet consultation.  Basically we inventory clothing you hang up, stacks of folded clothes, shoes on the floor as well as the items that are harder to fold or hang.  Many times our clients have clothes, accessories or items that aren’t easily folded.  This is when we usually recommend wire baskets.

Often times, we will install a mix of drawers and wire baskets to make the most of your space.  Personal items can be tucked away behind a drawer but socks and gym shorts can be folded and tucked into a wire basket.

The other way we like to use wire baskets in custom closets is for hampers.  Many times we will install dual baskets so that one can go to the laundry room and one can stay in the closet to gather clothes.  We have also installed his/her laundry baskets.

Classic Example of Basket Hampers

Keep checking back on our blog this month, we will go over many uses for baskets in your closets, pantrys and garage organizational systems!

Marketing to Baby Boomers

We usually don’t blog about our marketing strategies, but while researching some of our favorite websites and Facebook Fanpages, we ran across a little article that remodeling magazine posted earlier today.  The information included statistics about marketing to baby boomers and we found the numbers amazing!

The fact is that the baby boomer generation at this point controls 67% of the nations wealth and are 27% more likely to embark on a major home improvement project in the next 6 months!  We like those numbers!

Truth is, we love our clients at any age and we see lots of customers every week!  It’s just fun reading up on these facts and figures in hopes of being able to postion ourselves to help the largest portion of our target market!

Read the rest of the interesting article here!  And keep getting in touch with Kansas City Closet Company for all of your custom closet and organzational project needs!

We would love to tell you about our high quality hardware from pulls and handles to belt and tie racks!


Belt and Tie Racks for Kansas City Custom Closets

Hello Custom Closet Lovers!
We are excited to have been having such great business BUT we can’t wait to install a new custom closet for you or your best friend or your sister or your neighbor!

Kansas City from Leawood to North KC has been showing the love by booking appointments for our talented designers to come out for free in-home consultations!  We love it!

What we love even more than just manufacturing and installing the best organizational products on the market is outfitting those closets with the best quality belt and tie racks to make sure your best closthing accessories are organized and easy to find!

How can you go on without these fantastic accessories!  Call us today and have a new closet in the works by the end of the week!

Kansas City Closet Company really loves Kansas City!

Happy National Small Business Week!

As a small business here in Kansas City, Kansas City Closet Company has a lot to be thankful for!

We wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to our clients for their investment in our team, our services and our products!

We love working here in Kansas City and the surrounding areas!

Please keep Kansas City Closet Company in mind as your source for local, dedicated and affordable custom closets and organizational systems!