Kansas City Closet Company Custom Shoe Organizers

Whether you have a few basic pairs of shoes or you collect shoes like other people collect stamps, keeping your shoes organized can be a challenge. Shoes have a tendency to take over your closet floor, where you trip over them or they get lost under low-hanging clothing. And it never fails that when you’re running late, you have to hunt for a missing shoe. A custom shoe organizer from Kansas City CLOSET Company is the answer to your shoe storage dilemma. Continue reading

How Kansas City Closet Company Works for Clients

Free In Home Design Consultation

Schedule a design consultation with our Service Coordinator. One of our Professional Designers will come to your home, take a wardrobe analysis and assess your personal storage requirements. They will document your space dimensions and will get a good idea of how we can make the most of your space.

Your designer will take all the information and will come back to you with a custom detailed drawing and a price quote for your new closet or organizational system.

Manufacture Quality Products

Every Kansas City closet we sell is specially crafted to fit your space perfectly and each component is inspected to pass our strict quality standards.

Custom Closet Installation

Congratulations! You have decided to install a Kansas City Custom Closet!

Installation is easy with Kansas City CLOSET Company! We will deliver garment racks for your wardrobe to hang on during the day or two between tear out and installation. Then we will tear out your existing closet and patch any holes to make the area paint ready.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With over 25 years of experience in the custom closet industry, Kansas City CLOSET Company is dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations! To read more about what our clients have to say about us,

Laundry Hampers for your Kansas City Custom Closet!

Handling laundry is not anybody’s favorite job. What to do with your laundry while it’s waiting to be washed is an issue everybody faces. Piles on the closet floor are unsightly. Laundry baskets are bulky and take up precious floor space. The organization experts at Kansas City CLOSET Company have the perfect solution:  built-in closet laundry hampers.

A closet laundry hamper from Kansas City CLOSET Company will keep your dirty clothes out of sight until laundry day, leaving your custom closet neat and tidy. Kansas City CLOSET Company offers a tilt-out hamper and a pull-out hamper. The tilt-out hamper features either a wire basket or a frame with a lift-out fabric basket mounted to a door that tilts down to provide access to your laundry. When closed, it blends in perfectly with the rest of your custom closet. The pull-out hamper features a frame that slides out with fabric baskets that life out. The removable bags with both types of laundry hampers provide a simple way to transport clothing to the laundry room.

Kansas City CLOSET Company offers a variety of sizes of closet laundry hampers to accommodate different needs. We can install as many closet laundry hampers as you need. Multiple hampers are great for keeping laundry sorted by colors or types to make doing laundry easier. It can also be used as his and hers laundry hampers. Kansas City CLOSET Company’s closet laundry hampers are great for kids’ rooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Ten Tips for Organizing Your Garage

As with most projects, planning and prep work are a BIG part of organizing your garage.

Use these tips to get your garage looking as good as the rest of your house!

1.  Take everything out of the garage before doing anything.  Figure out what you want to go back in and what can get tossed, donated or sold.

2.  Power wash the space.  It doesn’t do any good to pile everything back in a dirty space.  You will feel better if you know the space is clean!

3.  Clean the floor and if necessary, look into installing a new flooring system.  There are many quality products out there that might be perfect for your space.

4.  Paint the walls!  Everything looks better with a fresh coat of paint.

5.  When you are ready to start putting garage items back in, think about utilizing as much higher wall space as possible for items you don’t use often.

6.  Group like items together when possible.  Gardening equipment with gardening equipment and sporting goods with sporting goods.

7.  Figure out what you would like to hide behind cabinets and what can be out in the open.

8.  Use baskets for unruly items.

9.  Focus on your interests and make the garage a room that works for you not just a place to park your car.

10.  Have fun with the process.  It doesn’t have to be done in one day but having a good sense of rhythm will help in the long run.

Use these tips and call Kansas City Closet Company to have one of our talented designers come and give you a free in home design consultation.  We love helping you make the most of your space.

June is National Garage and Storage Organizing Month!

Great news for organizing fans!  June brings about a truly great organizing segment!  Garage and Storage Organizing Month!

I couldn’t be happier because really, if there wasn’t a month devoted to it, I would never even think about it.  Honestly though, there couldn’t be a better time.  We are all out in our garages more than usual during these months and it’s a great feeling to get the space cleaned out. 

The garage does double and even triple duty in most houses.  It’s our car park, our sporting goods storage, our ‘off season’ decorating storage area.  It’s also the place that houses our gardening equiptment, lawn tools and usually many of the household tools.

Why not really clean this area up and have Kansas City Closet Company come do a free in-home consultation to help deal with this major organization minefield.

Look for updates this month on our easy and organized tips for getting your garage in order.  Kansas City Closet Company can help!