You’ll be Smitten with Your Kitchen in Kansas with Adjustable Shelves for Your Pantry

There’s a reason cooking can often feel like such a chore. Who wants to dig through all those packages, cans, and bottles that are stored in your pantry only to first figure out what it is before deciding what to do with it. When you build a custom pantry though, or create one out of your existing space, you can have complete kitchen organization, and learn to love cooking once again! Continue reading

Built-Ins Aren’t Just Storage Solutions for Books in Kansas City

So often when homeowners think of built-in shelving units they think that they’re reserved typically for bookcases, as this is one of the most popular uses for them. But as people continue to fall in love with these storage solutions, they’re starting to use them just about anywhere they can in their home – and you can too! Continue reading

Closet Solutions Help Empty Nesters in Kansas City

Being faced with an empty nest can be a difficult thing. When a child first leaves home you may not want to touch their room, or make a single change; and that’s okay. The chances are that for the first few years anyway, your child is going to want to come home occasionally, whether it’s just for a weekend or to spend an entire summer before heading back to college. But what about after the child has been gone for some time, and you still have that room you would like to do something with? Continue reading