Organize Your Laundry Room for Maximum Storage and Efficiency

Laundry rooms have a tendency to attract clutter. In most homes, the laundry room is rarely only used for washing and drying clothes. Many people also use their laundry room as a utility closet or overflow storage. And some laundry rooms are part of a mudroom, which automatically adds to the clutter.  By getting your laundry room organized you may find that not only does it function better but that you have a lot more storage than you thought. Continue reading

The Right Jewelry Storage Will Keep Accessories Protected and Easy to Find

What woman doesn’t love opening a little velvet box to find a sparkly new bauble? But in order to protect those precious jewels and accessories, you need a way to keep them organized and protected.  Proper organization will not only keep them from getting tangled, lost or damaged, but it will also make it simple to find the perfect accessories to complete your ensemble. Continue reading