Transform Your Garage into Usable Space with Some Careful Organization

Garages tend to be the catch-all spot for everything from sports and lawn equipment to overflow from the house. It can get cluttered quickly and before you know it, it’s too cluttered to use it for its intended purpose – housing your car. But with some careful organization and well-designed storage, you can transform your garage into an attractive, functional space worthy of showcasing your prized vehicles. Your newly organized garage can also be used as a workshop, a spot for hobbies and crafts, or even as a mancave. Continue reading

Convert Any Room into an Instant Guest Room with a Wall Bed

The holidays are right around the corner, bringing with them overnight guests. Having a dedicated guest room is nice, but if overnight guests are a rarity it may not be the best use of space, especially if space in your home is at a premium. Rather than sending guests to a hotel, consider converting an office or media room into a dual purpose room by installing a wall bed from Kansas City CLOSET Company. Continue reading