Create a Functional, Yet Stylish, Media Center

In recent years, televisions have evolved from large and cumbersome to sleek and stylish. Flat screens take up less space and can even be hung on the wall or over the fireplace, much like a work of art. But most people don’t have only a flat screen TV. Add in DVD players, stereo systems, gaming consoles, and cable boxes and soon you have a disorganized jumble of cables and components. But it doesn’t have to be a cluttered mess. The right media center can keep your components contained in an attractive manner. Continue reading

Find Creative Storage Solutions for Your Entryway

Your entryway is the first area visitors see. Because it sets the tone for your home, your entryway should be welcoming, while incorporating the style and personality of your home. Many people tend to use the entryway as a landing space for those things they bring in to the home, including coats, shoes, backpacks, keys, wallets, purses, and more. Without good storage options, the entryway can quickly become a cluttered, disorganized mess. Continue reading