Keep Your Scarves and Shawls Neat and Organized with Scarf Racks


Scarves and shawls are great accessories. They can dress up an outfit. They are relatively inexpensive. They can be tied in countless different ways, offering great versatility. They come in a nearly endless array of colors, sizes, styles, shapes, prints, and fabrics in both indoor and outdoor styles. But storing scarves and shawls, especially if you have an extensive collection, can be challenging. Continue reading

Tailor Your Closet to Your Needs with Custom Closet Accessories

A custom closet should be just that – custom. It should be personalized and tailored to your exact needs. While one person might need more space for hanging clothing, like suits and dresses, another might require more shelves and drawers for folded clothing like jeans and sweaters. Customizing a closet means a multitude of things. Kansas City CLOSET Company offers a range of features and accessories to help you design your custom closet to give you the exact storage space you need. Continue reading

Give Your Wardrobe the Closet it Deserves

You invest endless hours into finding and creating the perfect wardrobe. But how much time and energy have you invested into designing your closet? Where you store your wardrobe is equally as important as your wardrobe itself.

When thinking about closet storage, think about how you will use it on an everyday basis. Will you need general storage or will you need an exclusive display? What features will you need? Do need drawers or hampers? Just like your outfit isn’t complete without accessories, neither is your closet. Kansas City CLOSET Company offers a wide variety of closet components to complete your custom closet. Continue reading

Looking for Overall Home Organization in Kansas City? Look for Wire Baskets

Sometimes you know that your home needs better organization, but it’s not limited to just one room. When you’re dealing with only a bedroom, you may know that you need a custom closet. And when you’re trying to organize your kitchen, you might include an island with storage. But what about when it’s just overall home organization you need? Something for all those little odds and ends? Continue reading

Finding Those Storage Solutions Right under Your Nose in Kansas City

Whether we’re organizing someone’s pantry or designing their custom closet, we hear one thing time and time again: everyone wants more storage! And while we’re great at providing those solutions for every home, there are also often storage solutions right in your home that you walk by or look at every day. Here are just a few that we most often see. Continue reading

Is an Open Custom Closet in Kansas City for You?

When you’re working with a very small space such as in a condo or apartment, finding the right closet storage solution can be an especially difficult task. That is at least, until you hear about open closets. An open custom closet in Kansas City does just that – it opens up your closet, making you feel as though you just stepped into a designer’s boutique! Continue reading

How can Custom Closets in Kansas City Help Your Small Space?

Apartments and condo living have become the top choice for many, many individuals, as it offers a convenient lifestyle in a chic and sophisticated space. But there’s one problem that comes with condos and apartments – a lack of space. Making the most of what you have becomes even more important when living in small spaces and so, custom closets in Kansas City become even more important. But how can they help? Continue reading

Closet Solutions in KS for Winter Closet Organization

Hats, scarves, gloves, and boots are essential parts the winter season in Kansas City. But it’s difficult to keep them organized, keep them out of sight, and still have them close at hand when you need them on a daily basis. So, what’s the answer to winter closet organization? Continue reading

Laundry Hampers for your Kansas City Custom Closet!

Handling laundry is not anybody’s favorite job. What to do with your laundry while it’s waiting to be washed is an issue everybody faces. Piles on the closet floor are unsightly. Laundry baskets are bulky and take up precious floor space. The organization experts at Kansas City CLOSET Company have the perfect solution:  built-in closet laundry hampers.

A closet laundry hamper from Kansas City CLOSET Company will keep your dirty clothes out of sight until laundry day, leaving your custom closet neat and tidy. Kansas City CLOSET Company offers a tilt-out hamper and a pull-out hamper. The tilt-out hamper features either a wire basket or a frame with a lift-out fabric basket mounted to a door that tilts down to provide access to your laundry. When closed, it blends in perfectly with the rest of your custom closet. The pull-out hamper features a frame that slides out with fabric baskets that life out. The removable bags with both types of laundry hampers provide a simple way to transport clothing to the laundry room.

Kansas City CLOSET Company offers a variety of sizes of closet laundry hampers to accommodate different needs. We can install as many closet laundry hampers as you need. Multiple hampers are great for keeping laundry sorted by colors or types to make doing laundry easier. It can also be used as his and hers laundry hampers. Kansas City CLOSET Company’s closet laundry hampers are great for kids’ rooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Wire Baskets in Your Pantry

Kansas City Closet Company believes that there is a place for everything AND that everything should have a place.  This goes for pantries too.

How many people out there really have the pantry of their dreams?  You can!  It’s not hard!  Call Kansas City Closet Company and you will have the pantry of your dreams!  One of our talented designers will come out and take an inventory of your pantry then we can design a perfect pantry for you and whatever you store in your pantry.

The thing about it is this, most of it is easy schmeezy but when it comes to hard to store items (think bags of chips, packets of Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing mix, bags of pasta and beans), what’s the best option for these items?

At Kansas City Closet Company, we think it’s in the wire baskets you hang in your pantry.  Ours are the finest in the industry and hold up to as much usage as you can give them.

Wire baskets in the pantry is just one more way that we help you make the most of you space!

Now call us!  We want to make you our next satisfied client!