Organize Your Craft Room

Whether you have a dedicated craft room or just have a corner of another room, making the most of your space is key. Keeping your crafting supplies well organized will not only save you time, but it will also help get your creative juices flowing.

Before you start organizing your crafting materials, you need to get your room set up properly. If you have a dedicated room, you have more flexibility in what you can do. Select flooring that is easy to clean, ideally a hard surface that can be swept or mopped as needed. Install good lighting, including both general lighting and task lighting. Select furniture that is comfortable and ergonomic. The furniture should be able to stand up to any chemicals you may use in your crafts. Be sure to incorporate lots of surface space for various tasks. Give careful thought to your specific storage needs and plan accordingly rather than just haphazardly purchase storage shelves or bins without a plan. Cabinets with doors can hide clutter and keep your room looking neat and tidy. Pull-out shelves and bins are a great addition. Kansas City CLOSET Company offers a wide array of scalable and customizable storage solution and work area options for all crafting needs. Finally, incorporate your style and personality into the room with a trendy light fixture, new wall color, and inspiring artwork. Continue reading

Finding Those Storage Solutions Right under Your Nose in Kansas City

Whether we’re organizing someone’s pantry or designing their custom closet, we hear one thing time and time again: everyone wants more storage! And while we’re great at providing those solutions for every home, there are also often storage solutions right in your home that you walk by or look at every day. Here are just a few that we most often see. Continue reading

Built-Ins Aren’t Just Storage Solutions for Books in Kansas City

So often when homeowners think of built-in shelving units they think that they’re reserved typically for bookcases, as this is one of the most popular uses for them. But as people continue to fall in love with these storage solutions, they’re starting to use them just about anywhere they can in their home – and you can too! Continue reading

Office and Craft Room Decluttering




My ‘Calendar of Organizing Holidays’ lists the 4th week in March as National Clutter Awareness Week.  This is good for everyone who regularly looks around and finds that, yes, again, it’s looking a little messy around here.

I have a tendency to go from ‘minimal’ to ‘maximum’ in a very short time so I need more than one clutter awareness week but I will take it upon myself to add a few more in during the year.  I will observe this one, my office will be happy and lighter for it.

A few suggestions when de-cluttering.  First, I have noticed that many times, the room gets messier before it gets neater.  It’s really disappointing when you are going at de-cluttering and you look behind you to discover piles and stacks and…more mess than when you started.  Just power through!  Soon, very soon, you will see the difference!

The second tip is be non-judgemental about your sorting.  Everything will find it’s place in the end, whether it will go to a donation pile, the trash or a closet or basement, you will make the right decision.

So, before you know it, your office or craft room will look like a million bucks!

The pictures above are from: and



Sewing Room = Craft Room

So, I was doing a little research online, looking around at craft rooms, organizational systems, closet websites, etc. and I started thinking about the fact that craft rooms seem to be a ‘new’ idea but are they really?

I say, not really.  The craft room of today is the sewing room of years ago.  Crafts may be different now but the idea for finding a space to do something that we love is not a new idea.

Here are a few pictures from a darling website/blog called “Sew Many Ways”.  I think that for any of these specialty rooms, if you take the basic ideas and add a wrapping paper station or shelving for books on crochet, needlepoint and paper mache, you end up with a more diverse craft room ready to take on your craft future!

6 Tips for Designing a Well Organized Craft Room

I took this picture from HGTV’s website because I liked the idea of a nice big countertop and open shelving for a craft room.  There was some inexpensive looking, unstable shelving on top so I cropped that out.

I would recommend 50% open shelving and 50% closed shelving for the top portion.  That way you have room to tuck away some items but also have room for books and manuals.

Here are some other tips when thinking about your new craft space.

1.  Give yourself some time to really consider your craft needs once you decide to install a craft room.  Think about where your crafting is now and where it might move in the future.  You don’t want to outgrow your craft room immediately.

2.  A large counter is a great idea for a craft area.  If you have a short wall with corners, make that a counter area.  It’s a great use of space.  Just like in the kitchen, a big countertop lets you have a few much used items close at hand.  No one like to search for their scissors!

3.  Some open on top lets you keep books and manuals close at hand and as in any other room, books add character to a space.

4.  Closed shelving on top lets you tuck away ‘messy’ items so that your craft room maintains its order and efficiency.

5.  Open shelving with adaptable storage boxes under the counter allows you to keep your craft supplies current for your needs.

6.  Keep your finishes on your shelving and countertop neutral then really pump up the inspiration with great colors on the walls!

Once you get to the point that you know your basics, give Kansas City Closet Company a call and let us make the most of your space.  Whether we are designing closets or craft rooms in Leawood or Brookside, we are your local, dedicated and affordable choice for all your home storage system needs.

Who Doesn’t Love a Wrapping Paper Station?

It’s funny to remember all the times you wrap gifts and to think about what a pain in the rear it is most of the time.  So many things that get lost in the times that we aren’t using them:  scissors, tape, the wrapping paper, bows.

It’s usually a major endeavor to get that one gift wrapped.  Which is why the wrapping paper station seems so dreamy.  I think when the holiday’s hit, if you asked any harried mom, she would prefer a wrapping paper station over a diamond necklace.  Maybe not, but a wrapping paper station says something a necklace cannot, it says, ‘I’m in control.  I’m in control of not just regular things but things that are usually out of control.’.

A diamond necklace says that too…only a little differently.

Check out these pictures of wrapping paper stations and then stay tuned this week we will bring you more information about bringing your own wrapping paper station into reality.

Country Living Wrapping Paper Station


Starlit Studio Craft Room

A Craft Room Doesn’t Have to Look Like Your Creations Blew Up Everywhere

I found this title on another website that was illustrating a really clean craft room asthetic.  The room they were showing actually looked like an office space.  Very subdued.

I think sometimes we feel like the room has to shout “CRAFT ROOM” from the very first step in the door.  It doesn’t.  Everyone is motivated by different areas.  I would go bananas in a room that had crafts leaking out of every drawer.  I need clean and calm.

When desigining your craft room, keep in mind that you have to have enough storage to display what you want see and hide what you don’t want to see.

Also, a sunny splash of color does wonders but so does Antique White by Benjamin Moore.  It’s all up to you!

Craft Rooms for Kids

So, once you have your craft room installed, the only place to turn is to the internet to find SO MANY fun crafts for kids or adults.

I did a quick search for ‘crafts for kids’ and came up with more ideas than I could ever start let alone start and finish!  Tibetian Sand Painting from  St Patrick’s Day barrettes from

We found these two fun crafts but there are so many more.  Let your imagination run wild.  You will wonder why it took you so long to get your craft on!


March is Craft Room Month!

So excited for this month’s focus to be craft rooms!

The craft room is one of the most personal areas to add to your home.  It’s also where you will end up spending a lot of time!  Hopefully we are all balancing out our work life with a healthy dose of hobby or craft time.

I have found a few ideas from the Queen of Craft herself…Martha Stewart.  Of course, start out with KCClosets coming to your home for a free in-home consultation but THEN employ a couple of these trendy, fun and easy ideas to make your craft room or nook shine!

Try this fun idea from MS Craft.  Gilded Bookends

Gilded Bookends

Here’s another fun idea!

Pegboard Organizer

These are just two ideas of whay you can do on your own once we have helped you make the most of your space.

Whether you are in Leawood, Roeland Park or Kansas City, give Kansas City Closet Company a call for craft room help!