Give Your Garage an Organizational Overhaul for Summer


Summer is the perfect time to get your garage organized. Most of us use our garages as more than just covered parking. Our garages also function as workshops for hobbies or mechanical repairs, gardening centers, mudrooms, and overflow storage. Over time, it can become cluttered and disorganized. Now that the weather has warmed up, it’s the perfect time to give your garage a top-to-bottom cleaning and organizational overhaul. Continue reading

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Organize Your Garage


Garage big picture

Garage cabinet for tools

Garage cabinet storage

Garage golf storage

Garage shoe storage

As the holiday season winds down, the new year is rapidly approaching. It’s time to begin planning and make your resolutions for 2015. Make one of your resolutions this year to get your garage organized. Kansas City CLOSET Company offers a variety of solutions for garage organization that will help you keep your resolution. Continue reading

Transform Your Garage into Usable Space with Some Careful Organization

Garages tend to be the catch-all spot for everything from sports and lawn equipment to overflow from the house. It can get cluttered quickly and before you know it, it’s too cluttered to use it for its intended purpose – housing your car. But with some careful organization and well-designed storage, you can transform your garage into an attractive, functional space worthy of showcasing your prized vehicles. Your newly organized garage can also be used as a workshop, a spot for hobbies and crafts, or even as a mancave. Continue reading

Clear the Clutter from Your Mudroom with Customized Storage

Mudrooms provide a transitional area between your home’s interior and the outside, helping to prevent dirt and clutter from invading the rest of your home. Unfortunately mudrooms have a tendency to become a catch-all for everything you bring in and out of your home, resulting in clutter that can make your mudroom feel small and inadequate. A custom storage system from Kansas City CLOSET Company can help organize your mudroom and maximize space, giving you more storage than you thought possible. Continue reading

Finding Those Storage Solutions Right under Your Nose in Kansas City

Whether we’re organizing someone’s pantry or designing their custom closet, we hear one thing time and time again: everyone wants more storage! And while we’re great at providing those solutions for every home, there are also often storage solutions right in your home that you walk by or look at every day. Here are just a few that we most often see. Continue reading

Built-Ins Aren’t Just Storage Solutions for Books in Kansas City

So often when homeowners think of built-in shelving units they think that they’re reserved typically for bookcases, as this is one of the most popular uses for them. But as people continue to fall in love with these storage solutions, they’re starting to use them just about anywhere they can in their home – and you can too! Continue reading

Disorganization is Tough in a Closet, Pantry or Garage

For those out there who struggle with disorganization daily, you know that it can be a major energy drain.

I was just talking to a friend who is moving out of state and she mentioned that she is ALREADY (just beginning the process) fed up with the amount of clutter and ‘stuff’ she is encountering in every area that has doors (closets, cabinets, etc). Continue reading

Ten Tips for Organizing Your Garage

As with most projects, planning and prep work are a BIG part of organizing your garage.

Use these tips to get your garage looking as good as the rest of your house!

1.  Take everything out of the garage before doing anything.  Figure out what you want to go back in and what can get tossed, donated or sold.

2.  Power wash the space.  It doesn’t do any good to pile everything back in a dirty space.  You will feel better if you know the space is clean!

3.  Clean the floor and if necessary, look into installing a new flooring system.  There are many quality products out there that might be perfect for your space.

4.  Paint the walls!  Everything looks better with a fresh coat of paint.

5.  When you are ready to start putting garage items back in, think about utilizing as much higher wall space as possible for items you don’t use often.

6.  Group like items together when possible.  Gardening equipment with gardening equipment and sporting goods with sporting goods.

7.  Figure out what you would like to hide behind cabinets and what can be out in the open.

8.  Use baskets for unruly items.

9.  Focus on your interests and make the garage a room that works for you not just a place to park your car.

10.  Have fun with the process.  It doesn’t have to be done in one day but having a good sense of rhythm will help in the long run.

Use these tips and call Kansas City Closet Company to have one of our talented designers come and give you a free in home design consultation.  We love helping you make the most of your space.

June is National Garage and Storage Organizing Month!

Great news for organizing fans!  June brings about a truly great organizing segment!  Garage and Storage Organizing Month!

I couldn’t be happier because really, if there wasn’t a month devoted to it, I would never even think about it.  Honestly though, there couldn’t be a better time.  We are all out in our garages more than usual during these months and it’s a great feeling to get the space cleaned out. 

The garage does double and even triple duty in most houses.  It’s our car park, our sporting goods storage, our ‘off season’ decorating storage area.  It’s also the place that houses our gardening equiptment, lawn tools and usually many of the household tools.

Why not really clean this area up and have Kansas City Closet Company come do a free in-home consultation to help deal with this major organization minefield.

Look for updates this month on our easy and organized tips for getting your garage in order.  Kansas City Closet Company can help!

Johnson County Home and Garden Show

What a perfect weekend for the Johnson County Home and Garden Show!  The weather is gorgeous and really making everyone think about spring projects both inside and outdoors!

Stop by the Johnson County Home and Garden Show at the Overland Park Convention Center.  Follow this link for driving directions and parking information.

There are great speakers lined up as well as miles of exhibitors!

We will be there helping you make the most of your space whether in your closet, kitchen, garage or media room!

Kansas City Closet Company has many Leawood and Johnson County happy clients but we’re always looking for more!