Design a Shared Home Office that is Effective and Functional for Everyone

With more and more people telecommuting for work, operating a home business, or bringing extra work home, home offices are more common than ever. If you have more than one person using the same office, keeping it functional for both people can be a challenge.

Taking the time to set up a shared office properly will ensure that both people can work effectively and efficiently. Each person will need a dedicated work area, including a desk and chair. Each person will also need storage space, including shelves, drawers, and filing cabinets. Some components, like bookshelves and cabinets, can be shared if needed. Continue reading

Work More Effectively With a Well Organized Office

The home office is a magnet for clutter and disorganization. It’s difficult to work effectively and efficiently in an office that is messy and cluttered. Getting your office properly organized is especially important if you work out of your home office.

Kansas City CLOSET Company has some tips that will have your office organized in no time. Continue reading

Organization is Key to Avoiding Back-to-School Chaos

Back to school often means back to chaos. The frantic morning routines resume, including the last-minute search for something to wear minutes before you head out the door, the search for a missing shoe, the task of trying to remember where you put your keys or the homework assignment due today. With some simple organization, getting back into the school routine can be simple and stress-free. Continue reading

Home Office Organization Tips in Kansas City

It’s great to have a home office, but it can also be one of the hardest rooms in the home to keep organized. Even in today’s “paperless” age, documents and bills start to pile up, and just where are you supposed to put all of that big equipment such as your computer tower, the printer, and your scanner? Just like in every other room of your home, with home office organization it’s all about putting things in their place. Continue reading

Built-Ins Aren’t Just Storage Solutions for Books in Kansas City

So often when homeowners think of built-in shelving units they think that they’re reserved typically for bookcases, as this is one of the most popular uses for them. But as people continue to fall in love with these storage solutions, they’re starting to use them just about anywhere they can in their home – and you can too! Continue reading

How can Custom Closets in Kansas City Help Your Small Space?

Apartments and condo living have become the top choice for many, many individuals, as it offers a convenient lifestyle in a chic and sophisticated space. But there’s one problem that comes with condos and apartments – a lack of space. Making the most of what you have becomes even more important when living in small spaces and so, custom closets in Kansas City become even more important. But how can they help? Continue reading

Office and Craft Room Decluttering




My ‘Calendar of Organizing Holidays’ lists the 4th week in March as National Clutter Awareness Week.  This is good for everyone who regularly looks around and finds that, yes, again, it’s looking a little messy around here.

I have a tendency to go from ‘minimal’ to ‘maximum’ in a very short time so I need more than one clutter awareness week but I will take it upon myself to add a few more in during the year.  I will observe this one, my office will be happy and lighter for it.

A few suggestions when de-cluttering.  First, I have noticed that many times, the room gets messier before it gets neater.  It’s really disappointing when you are going at de-cluttering and you look behind you to discover piles and stacks and…more mess than when you started.  Just power through!  Soon, very soon, you will see the difference!

The second tip is be non-judgemental about your sorting.  Everything will find it’s place in the end, whether it will go to a donation pile, the trash or a closet or basement, you will make the right decision.

So, before you know it, your office or craft room will look like a million bucks!

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