Give Your Laundry Room a Fresh Look for Spring


The laundry room is one of the hardest working rooms in the home but often gets the least amount of attention when it comes to design and organization. But incorporating good organization and the right tools and features into your laundry room can make the laundry process much easier.

Organize your laundry room into functional zones: Continue reading

Organize Your Laundry Room for Maximum Storage and Efficiency

Laundry rooms have a tendency to attract clutter. In most homes, the laundry room is rarely only used for washing and drying clothes. Many people also use their laundry room as a utility closet or overflow storage. And some laundry rooms are part of a mudroom, which automatically adds to the clutter.  By getting your laundry room organized you may find that not only does it function better but that you have a lot more storage than you thought. Continue reading

You’ll be Smitten with Your Kitchen in Kansas with Adjustable Shelves for Your Pantry

There’s a reason cooking can often feel like such a chore. Who wants to dig through all those packages, cans, and bottles that are stored in your pantry only to first figure out what it is before deciding what to do with it. When you build a custom pantry though, or create one out of your existing space, you can have complete kitchen organization, and learn to love cooking once again! Continue reading

Disorganization is Tough in a Closet, Pantry or Garage

For those out there who struggle with disorganization daily, you know that it can be a major energy drain.

I was just talking to a friend who is moving out of state and she mentioned that she is ALREADY (just beginning the process) fed up with the amount of clutter and ‘stuff’ she is encountering in every area that has doors (closets, cabinets, etc). Continue reading

Laundry Hampers for your Kansas City Custom Closet!

Handling laundry is not anybody’s favorite job. What to do with your laundry while it’s waiting to be washed is an issue everybody faces. Piles on the closet floor are unsightly. Laundry baskets are bulky and take up precious floor space. The organization experts at Kansas City CLOSET Company have the perfect solution:  built-in closet laundry hampers.

A closet laundry hamper from Kansas City CLOSET Company will keep your dirty clothes out of sight until laundry day, leaving your custom closet neat and tidy. Kansas City CLOSET Company offers a tilt-out hamper and a pull-out hamper. The tilt-out hamper features either a wire basket or a frame with a lift-out fabric basket mounted to a door that tilts down to provide access to your laundry. When closed, it blends in perfectly with the rest of your custom closet. The pull-out hamper features a frame that slides out with fabric baskets that life out. The removable bags with both types of laundry hampers provide a simple way to transport clothing to the laundry room.

Kansas City CLOSET Company offers a variety of sizes of closet laundry hampers to accommodate different needs. We can install as many closet laundry hampers as you need. Multiple hampers are great for keeping laundry sorted by colors or types to make doing laundry easier. It can also be used as his and hers laundry hampers. Kansas City CLOSET Company’s closet laundry hampers are great for kids’ rooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Wire Baskets in Your Pantry

Kansas City Closet Company believes that there is a place for everything AND that everything should have a place.  This goes for pantries too.

How many people out there really have the pantry of their dreams?  You can!  It’s not hard!  Call Kansas City Closet Company and you will have the pantry of your dreams!  One of our talented designers will come out and take an inventory of your pantry then we can design a perfect pantry for you and whatever you store in your pantry.

The thing about it is this, most of it is easy schmeezy but when it comes to hard to store items (think bags of chips, packets of Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing mix, bags of pasta and beans), what’s the best option for these items?

At Kansas City Closet Company, we think it’s in the wire baskets you hang in your pantry.  Ours are the finest in the industry and hold up to as much usage as you can give them.

Wire baskets in the pantry is just one more way that we help you make the most of you space!

Now call us!  We want to make you our next satisfied client!


National Remodeling Month!

Now that we are firmly into Spring, it’s time to celebrate National Remodeling Month!  National Remodeling Month is an annual event that more people are deciding to celebrate.

In the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about families staying in their homes longer and instead of moving, they are updating or adding onto the home they already live in.

There are so many projects that can add value and quality of life to you property and family.  Interiors or exeriors, both can be tackled.  You can add on a mudroom, home office or entertainment center or stick with a classic update like adding a nice big pantry to your kitchen.

Kansas City Closet Company is there for you for all of your home remodeling organizational needs.  Investing in closets is one of the best and most efficient ways to add value to your home.

Don’t get left with the only tiny closets on the block.  Call Kansas City Closet Company and let us help you make the most of your space!


Johnson County Home and Garden Show

What a perfect weekend for the Johnson County Home and Garden Show!  The weather is gorgeous and really making everyone think about spring projects both inside and outdoors!

Stop by the Johnson County Home and Garden Show at the Overland Park Convention Center.  Follow this link for driving directions and parking information.

There are great speakers lined up as well as miles of exhibitors!

We will be there helping you make the most of your space whether in your closet, kitchen, garage or media room!

Kansas City Closet Company has many Leawood and Johnson County happy clients but we’re always looking for more!

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Kansas City Closet Company has been getting feedback from our clients and we have been listening diligently!

We just finished upgrading our website so that it’s easier to navigate and shows you more about what we can do for your closet, pantry, garage, mudroom…any space in your home!

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