Creative Design Can Make Maximum Use of Space with Sloped Ceilings

We’re all looking for ways to create extra storage space, and a custom closet system is a great solution. But, if your closet storage space has sloped ceilings, which is common in older homes that use gables or in attic spaces, you may think a custom closet system isn’t an option for. While it’s true that angled walls and sloped ceilings can make creating effective storage a challenge, it is far from impossible. Continue reading

Spring is the Perfect Time to Organize Your Closets

Spring is almost here. It’s the perfect time to spring clean your home, specifically your closets. Kansas City CLOSET Company has some tips to make getting your closets in order easy and painless.

Just getting started can be overwhelming. Tackle one closet at a time. If that’s still too much to try and accomplish, break it down into separate tasks or areas. For example, tackle shoes one day, hanging items another day, and so on.

The first thing to do is completely empty your closet. Pull everything out. This lets you see the space you have to work with. While it is empty, give it a good cleaning. Dust the shelves and vacuum or mop the floor. Continue reading

Design a Multifunctional Living Room with the Right Furniture and Storage Solutions

The modern living room has transitioned into a sort of jack-of-all trades room, getting used for everything from relaxing and entertaining to working and dining. And the more the room is used, the more clutter it tends to attract. Creating a good multifunction design for your living room will help it function better while keeping it organized.

The first step should be to define how you want the room to function. What activities do you need the room to support? This will help determine what type of furnishings you need and how the room should be arranged. Continue reading

Find Creative Storage Solutions for Your Entryway

Your entryway is the first area visitors see. Because it sets the tone for your home, your entryway should be welcoming, while incorporating the style and personality of your home. Many people tend to use the entryway as a landing space for those things they bring in to the home, including coats, shoes, backpacks, keys, wallets, purses, and more. Without good storage options, the entryway can quickly become a cluttered, disorganized mess. Continue reading