Give Mom the Gift of Organization for Mother’s Day


Your mom has spent years putting everyone in the family ahead of herself, making sure everyone was organized, on track, and had everything they needed to be successful. Now it’s her turn. This year, give your mom the gift of organization for Mother’s Day with custom organization solutions from Kansas City CLOSET Company. We offer a wide range of custom storage solutions that will make your mom’s life easier and make her hobbies or special interests more enjoyable. Continue reading

Jewelry Organizers Are A Must Have in a Custom Closet

Once you decide on investing in a Kansas City Closet Company custom closet you will have many options to choose from.  From the finishes on the shelves, doors and drawers to the pulls and handles, this is the fun part!  As you watch your custom closet come together we encourage you to be practical and really think about your life and how you use your closet. It’s best to have fun AND to be practical. Continue reading

Practice Makes Perfect

I was browsing over a few websites this weekend and came upon the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) website and looked around a little bit.  It is full of information about who is in the association and how to get into the organization.

The main idea I took away was the fact that there is an entire industry devoted to helping others organize their lives.  This led me to think about the fact that if so many need so much help, a seemingly little process like ‘organizing’ takes on a who new meaning.  Many people don’t know how to organize or don’t want to take the time to organize.

Organization takes, like any other task, a lot of practice.  It’s like in the book,The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell, you need to devote a certain amount of time to getting good at any particular activity.  It’s something that takes practice.

At Kansas City Closet Company, we have practiced and practiced ‘getting good’ at organization.  When our talented designers go to potential clients homes for an in-home design consultation, they see every manner of disorganization and try to help out with whatever they can.  That’s our business, whether we are installing a great new garage organizational system, a reach-in or walk-in closet or the perfect pantry for your kitchen.  That’s why we call it, making the most of your space.  When we leave, we have left you with the outline of organizational living in any specific room in your home.

Call us today and see!  We would love to help you make the most of your space!


Custom Closets Need Closet Accessories!

When Kansas City Closet Company installs a new custom closet, whether in Leawood, Brookside, Mission or Raytown, we always give our clients several options for high quality closet accessories to enhance their closet investment.

Kansas City Closet Company has so many accessories, we have an entire page devoted to them on our website.  Check out:

Closet Accessories Page which will give you a good idea of all the great options we carry for your closet personalization!

Everything from Valet Rods to Jewelry Organizers, Wine and Spice Racks to Belt and tie Racks.  We have them all and will usually suggest a few.  After all, without these enhancements, how could we truly say that we help you make the most of your space?