Custom Storage Solutions from Kansas City CLOSET Company Make the Perfect Father’s Day Gift


Father’s Day is right around the corner. What better way to honor dad than with the perfect gift. But finding the perfect can feel like Mission Impossible. Kansas City CLOSET Company has several gift ideas for dad that will make his life easier and show him just how much you care.

For the Sharp Dresser

We all know that women have a tendency to claim the majority of the closet space, relegating dad to a sliver of the closet or even the guest room closet. Give dad the closet he deserves with a custom closet of his very own where he can have plenty of space for all of his clothing and accessories. Hanging rods are ideal for shirts, slacks, and suits. Drawers are perfect for storing T-shirts and socks, while jeans and sweaters fit nicely on open shelves. Complete dad’s custom closet with some accessories for his accessories, such as tie racks, shoe shelves, and counter space for folding, sorting, or packing.

For the Entertainment Buff

If your dad likes to spend his free time kicking back while watching a game or movie, he has probably assembled an extensive collection of audio and video equipment. Why not give him a sleek new custom entertainment center to show it off? Shelves and cabinets with cable management systems keep components accessible while keeping the snarl of cables tucked neatly out of sight. Cabinets are ideal for storing dad’s collection of DVDs, CDs, and video games. Tuck all of the coordinating remotes and spare batteries into drawers. Fabric or acoustic panels can be used to keep speakers hidden without impacting the sound quality. Incorporate some open shelving to display family pictures or dad’s favorite collectibles.

For the Car Enthusiast

If working on cars is dad’s favorite past time, give him a custom workshop that’s as awesome as he is. Start with a durable, spacious work surface with plenty of space for any sized project. Cabinets are a must for keeping tools and supplies organized and out of sight. Improve the functionality of dad’s new workshop by incorporating a variety of accessories that will make it easy for him to store and organize everything he needs. Slat walls with hooks and brackets are perfect for hanging tools. Magnetic strips make storing and accessing small tools a snap. Baskets are great for storing and sorting small items that might otherwise get lost. And not everything in the garage belongs to dad. Bicycle hooks and toy bins will keep the kids’ stuff out of dad’s way while he’s working. Just don’t be surprised if dad starts spending more time in the garage than in the house.

For the Technology Guru

Whether your dad works from home or just likes to spend time on the computer for fun, give him the ultimate custom home office where he can put all of his latest technology to use. Whether he has a dedicated room or just a corner of the basement or guest room, a custom home office from Kansas City CLOSET Company will make it feel like he has the corner office in the executive wing. A moveable desk will give him flexibility, while drawers and cabinets will help him keep his gadgets, paperwork, and other small items organized and out of sight. Book shelves are perfect for displaying dad’s book collection or just his favorite collectibles. A built-in charging station will ensure his favorite gadgets are always ready to go.

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