Give Mom the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: A Custom Closet


It’s the annual dilemma of what to give Mom for Mother’s day. This year, rather than giving her a new outfit, scarf, or pair of shoes, why not give her the ultimate closet where she can keep her clothing and accessories? Let Kansas City CLOSET Company design a custom closet tailored specifically to your mother’s specific needs.

A closet from Kansas City CLOSET Company is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We will design a custom!closet that is as unique and special as your mom, taking into account what she needs and wants. In addition to the usual shelves and rods, Kansas City CLOSET Company offers a wide range of custom closet accessories to personalize Mom’s new closet:

  • Shoe organizers – If your mom is a shoe collector, a shoe organizer is the ideal addition to her custom closet. We offer shoe cubbies, angled shoe shelves with bumpers, and shoe racks with rods for heels. Or, combine these shoe organizers to create a floor-to-ceiling shoe storage solution.
  • Accessory organizers – Slide-out racks or horizontal rods are perfect for hanging belts, scarves, and necklaces.
  • Jewelry organizers – Having her jewelry in her closet will make it easy for Mom to coordinate her jewelry with her outfits. Two-tiered jewelry trays are concealed behind a drawer front and include velvet-lined compartments to keep jewelry organized. We can even add a lock to the jewelry drawer to keep valuable pieces protected.
  • Valet rods – Valet rods provide the perfect place for Mom to prepare her outfits for the next day or gather clothing to pack for an upcoming trip.
  • Baskets and drawers – Wire baskets and drawers are perfect for small items or items that don’t hang or stack well, such as socks, undergarments, purses and tote bags, scarves, and more. Fabric liners can be added to wire baskets to prevent small items from slipping through or to create a more finished look.
  • Cabinets – Enclosed cabinets keep items free of dust and lint and keep your closet looking neat. Give Mom’s closet an upscale look with frosted glass inserts in her cabinet doors.
  • Laundry solutions- Slide-out metal baskets with a liner or a basket hidden behind a door are perfect for storing dirty laundry. A fold-away ironing board will make it a snap for Mom to iron her clothes and put them in the closet right away.

Kansas City CLOSET Company can design and build any size of custom closet, from a reach-in closet to a walk-in dressing room closet. Our custom closets are available in a range of finishes to coordinate with any décor.

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