Keep Your Scarves and Shawls Neat and Organized with Scarf Racks


Scarves and shawls are great accessories. They can dress up an outfit. They are relatively inexpensive. They can be tied in countless different ways, offering great versatility. They come in a nearly endless array of colors, sizes, styles, shapes, prints, and fabrics in both indoor and outdoor styles. But storing scarves and shawls, especially if you have an extensive collection, can be challenging.

If you only have a few scarves or shawls, you might be able to get by folding or rolling them and storing them in a basket or drawer. You could also loop them over a mirror or headboard. But if you have a lot of scarves, these options will be exhausted quickly. Some women have put their scarves and shawls loose into a clear, plastic bin. While this keeps them all together, they can become tangled, get wrinkled, and take too long to find the one you want when you’re in a hurry. Hanging them on a hanger and storing them with the rest of your wardrobe will keep them off the floor but they may also be forgotten.

Hanging displays are a popular and convenient way to consolidate and store scarves and shawls. If you only have a few scarves, KC CLOSET Company’s slide-out scarf rack is the perfect solution. It features multiple rings to loop your scarves through for hassle-free storage. If you have an abundance of scarves and shawls, KC CLOSET Company offers a storage option that utilizes horizontal rods to keep your scarves and shawls neat and organized. Depending on how many scarves and shawls you need to store, multiple rods can be installed at varying heights. Scarves can be simply looped over the rods or you can tie them in knots to keep them secure. This storage method will allow you to fit several scarves or shawls on each rod. KC CLOSET Company’s scarf and shawl storage solutions will keep your accessories easily accessible, wrinkle-free, and easy to find quickly. KC CLOSET Company’s tie racks can also be used to store scarves.

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