Protect Your Winter Wardrobe with Cedar

Your wardrobe is an investment. And, as with other types of investments, it needs to be protected. In this case, against bugs, dust, and moisture. Winter clothes, such as wool sweaters, scarves, and coats, are particularly vulnerable. While winter hasn’t arrived just yet, now is a great time to think about how you’re going to store your winter wear at the end of the season.

Cedar is a great natural protectant. It not only deters bugs that munch on clothing, such as moths roaches, and silverfish, but it also removes moisture in the air to help prevent mildew. It has a woodsy fragrance that is earthy and pleasant to you, but offensive to insects. Cedar will not lose that fragrance over time. If the fragrance does begin to wane, simply reinvigorate it by lightly wiping it with a light grade sandpaper once or twice. Cedar does not produce oil, so the smell will not transfer to your clothing, unlike moth balls.

A cedar closet is a perfect solution for protecting your clothing, but if you don’t have the space for a cedar closet to be built in your home, or you don’t have the budget, there are other ways to accomplish the same task. The way Kansas City CLOSET Company constructs our drawer systems will allow you to have an enclosed space. A simple cedar lined drawer will then function the same as a cedar chest, keeping your valuable clothing safe and secure. If you prefer a fancier version, we can custom create your entire drawer box from cedar as well. Using cedar lined drawers is a great way to have the security of cedar repellant in a smaller, more usable space.

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