Give Mom the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: A Custom Closet


It’s the annual dilemma of what to give Mom for Mother’s day. This year, rather than giving her a new outfit, scarf, or pair of shoes, why not give her the ultimate closet where she can keep her clothing and accessories? Let Kansas City CLOSET Company design a custom closet tailored specifically to your mother’s specific needs. Continue reading

Give Your Wardrobe the Closet it Deserves

You invest endless hours into finding and creating the perfect wardrobe. But how much time and energy have you invested into designing your closet? Where you store your wardrobe is equally as important as your wardrobe itself.

When thinking about closet storage, think about how you will use it on an everyday basis. Will you need general storage or will you need an exclusive display? What features will you need? Do need drawers or hampers? Just like your outfit isn’t complete without accessories, neither is your closet. Kansas City CLOSET Company offers a wide variety of closet components to complete your custom closet. Continue reading

Make Your Closet More Functional with the Right Accessories

How do you make a great custom closet even better? Add the perfect closet accessories. While many people think of accessories simply as pieces that only add visual interest, the truth is that the right accessories can greatly improve the functionality of your closet and be a real life saver. Continue reading