Tailor Your Closet to Your Needs with Custom Closet Accessories

A custom closet should be just that – custom. It should be personalized and tailored to your exact needs. While one person might need more space for hanging clothing, like suits and dresses, another might require more shelves and drawers for folded clothing like jeans and sweaters. Customizing a closet means a multitude of things. Kansas City CLOSET Company offers a range of features and accessories to help you design your custom closet to give you the exact storage space you need.

While people put a lot of thought into how their custom closet should store their clean clothing, some fail to consider including a way to manage the dirty laundry. A simple solution for dirty laundry is a metal basket. These baskets are simple and attractive and slide back into the closet unit. A canvas liner, available in black or tan, can be added to create a more finished look. A wire laundry basket can also be placed behind a door. Doors that tilt out can often accommodate a wire basket. These are usually available in matching finishes, including chrome, nickel, and oil rubbed bronze. Again, adding a canvas liner is an option. Double tilt out nylon bags are also an option, as seen in these photos. Other alternatives for managing dirty laundry include pull-out hampers and removable laundry baskets, which are available to fit your exact preference. Including extra space for dry cleaning is an added bonus for any professional.

Another great feature to add to your closet is a pants rack. These rods fan out to allow the perfect spacing for slacks, eliminating the need for hangers. Slacks can be easily removed and rehung. These racks are also a great option for hanging larger scarves!

Valet rods are ideal for preparing your clothing for the next day, making it quick and easy to get ready in the morning. Valet rods are also great for organizing clothing while packing and for storing dry cleaning until you can put it away. Valet rods are available in different styles, including slide out and waterfall valet rods, and come in a variety of finishes.

If you’re someone who has a different pair of shoes to go with every outfit, a shoe organizer is a great addition. A shoe organizer will get your shoes up off the floor, keep them protected from damage, and make them easy to find. Kansas City CLOSET Company has a variety of shoe organizers to pick from, including angled shoe shelves with bumpers, shoe racks with poke holes to hook heels, and shoe cubbies with individual compartments for each pair. Our shoe organizers are available in a variety of finishes.

Whatever your closet needs, Kansas City CLOSET Company has the perfect accessories to customize your closet and transform it into your dream closet.

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